Planetary Boundaries and the Financial Sector

Tuesday, 25. April 2017

01:30 pm


02:00 pm


Dr. Kora Kristof, Head Department “Sustainability Strategies, Sustainable Resource Use, Instruments”, German Environment Agency

02:15 pm

Introduction: The Planetary Boundaries – Added Value for the Finance Sector

Walter Kahlenborn, Co-Founder and Managing Director, adelphi

02:30 pm

Experiences with Planetary Boundaries in the Finance Sector

Kristoffer Lüthi, Deputy Managing Director, Ekobanken

Lorenz Stör, Manager Client Relations, oekom research

Georg Schürmann, Managing Director, Triodos Bank

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03:00 pm

Plenary Discussion

03:30 pm Break
03:45 pm

Sustainable Investments in DBU Asset Management and Ways Forward: Planetary Boundaries for the Financial Sector

Michael Dittrich, Head of Department Finance and Administration, German Federal Environmental Foundation

04:00 pm

Plenary Discussion

04:30 pm

Operationalizing Environmental Risks for the Finance Sector using the Planetary Boundaries concept – Next Steps

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